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Non return valves - EA271

housing, water distributions, protection of drinking water networks
Description :
  • PRESSURE PFA/PS in bar θ 80°
  • CASING : brass
  • 2 drilled bosses 1/4” with POM (polyacetal) plugs
  • GUIDING + CLOSING SYSTEM : POM (polyacetal) or PA
  • SEAL : NBR (nitrile) lip-ring
  • SPRING : stainless steel
  • SPECIAL : with sockets and nuts
"water L1L2G1G2
1/210101010104.3149B 230010
3/410101010104.3149B 2201K10
110101010104.3149B 2202K10
11/4101010x104.3149B 2203K10
11/2101010x104.3149B 2204K10
2101010x104.3149B 2205K10